Year One


So, some stats for the year since I started doing this (March 15, 2012).

Days tracked: 345

Sunny: 168 (49%)
Cloudy: 84 (24%)
Partly Sunny: 34 (10%)
Foggy: 34 (10%)
Rainy: 25 (7%)

On the one hand, sure, you can say it rained for nearly a month and was foggy for even longer. But 168 days of sunshine is nothing to sneeze at. If you listen to some of those jerks in Bernal Heights you’d think we’re fogged in for 364 days a year. In reality, it’s sunny in the outside lands almost exactly half the time. I think what people don’t think about is that it’s foggy and rainy at a time when one might normally associate this area (the beach) with sunshine (the summer). October and November are heavily sunny days on the coast.

If people want to think it’s inclement out here, I have no problem with that. Keeps he riff-raff out and my neighborhood relatively quiet.